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Are you tired of Christian programming that is irrelevant, surface level, and just straight up boring? Well it’s time to kiss dry and tasteless “religious radio” goodbye! It’s time to breathe some new life into the airwaves. It’s time to give the world something meaningful to talk about. It is time for Apologia Radio.

Apologia Radio is a Christian radio program that aims to shake the foundation of Christian broadcasting by offering a hard-hitting, morning zoo, Gospel-centered, and culturally-relevant commentary on today’s post-modern society. Distinguishing itself from the typical boring and irrelevant theological-jargon all too common in other programs, Apologia Radio boldly confronts the hard issues of today in a manner that is fun, fresh, and practical. In an effort to reach people with the Gospel, culturally relevant issues like abortion, sexuality, and politics as well as competing worldviews/religions are engaged head-on with rigorous Christian examination. Apologia Radio will provide faithful Biblical commentary on these issues that will raise eyebrows and satisfy hungry minds. Above all else it is the sincerest desire of Apologia Radio to equip Christians for effective ministry to a lost and dying world for the sake of their souls and for the growth of His Kingdom.

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